Brian Patrick Jack (CRD#2569773)

The Securities Lawyers at Halling & Cayo, S.C. are looking into potential claims against Brian Patrick Jack (CRD#2569773) regarding allegations made regarding the following:

Claim(s) Made Against Brian Patrick Jack:

Claim Date: 3/18/2024

“Allegation: Stolen funds/securities Allegation from [REDACTED]: I ended my relationship with Brian Jack in the middle of June 2023. He was no longer managing my portfolio. He said that as a Schwab broker, he would advise me the amount of my 2023 required minimum distribution and would be happy to make transfers from Schwab to a credit union. We agreed I would make all trades and be responsible for all buys and sells of investments. Brian would no longer be receiving commissions from my account. Per a conversation with Liam Stros at Schwab, Brian has illegally received monthly commissions totaling approximately $10,000 since June 2023. Brian never informed Schwab that our business relationship ended. Brief summary of events related to the allegation(s) including dates when activities leading to the allegation(s) occurred: I had multiple meetings with Ms. [REDACTED] starting in December 2022 to discuss the relationship and services to be provided. In June 2023, with a phone discussion on first quarter fees, [REDACTED] mentioned she would want to continue to work with me but did not want to pay the fee from the first quarter. I offered to reduce the fee schedule to the firm minimum .25% on the assets in the account and she agreed. Pinnacle Peak bills in arears so the fee reductions from .50% to .25% started at the beginning of the second quarter, which was 4/1/2023. During the period of June 2023 to January 2024, I continued to manage the account as normal. In January 2024, I noticed the delinked account on Alerts and called [REDACTED] to find out what was wrong. She wanted to manage the account on her own. She did not want the ongoing fee to service and manage the account. I notified [REDACTED] that I could not reduce the fee any lower than the .25% the accounts were being charged after the first reduction as of 4/1/2023. I also made her aware that delinking the account would mean that I would no longer be able to work with her. Soon after, I received a voice message from “[REDACTED]“ (No complete name or number left on the message) that he was speaking on behalf of [REDACTED] who stated she was unhappy and felt the fees were not fair and that [REDACTED] would be filing a complaint with the SEC. On January 10th, 2024, I called [REDACTED] to let her know about the message and asked her what I had done wrong. I additionally asked her what I could do to make her feel whole. She told me that she appreciated all of the work I did with the management of the assets, consolidation of the accounts, RMD and distribution processing, but she would feel better if I reversed the fees on all three accounts from 10/1/2023-1/1/2024. That included the billing period of 7/1/2023-12/31/2023 (6 Months) which totaled $3,116.40. I told [REDACTED] that I would mail a check. I asked her again if that was what she thought was fair and she said yes. She also agreed to contact the SEC and withdraw the complaint. As a courtesy to Ms. [REDACTED] and in order to appease any negative experience, Pinnacle Peak is willing to further adjust billing to annul the advisory fee paid by Ms. [REDACTED] for 50% of the month of June ($257.70).”

This claim, as of this posting, is currently Pending with a claim amount of $10,000.00 .

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