Eugene Arthur Riggio (CRD#2571508)

The Securities Lawyers at Halling & Cayo, S.C. are looking into potential claims against Eugene Arthur Riggio (CRD#2571508) regarding allegations made regarding the following:

Claim(s) Made Against Eugene Arthur Riggio:

Claim Date: 2/11/2020

“The “Initial Statement of Claim for [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] (‘Claimants‘) vs. Whotrades, Inc., n/k/a Just2Trade, Inc. (‘Respondent‘) [sic]“ was received by Score Priority Corp. (“SPC“) in February 2020. Claimant [REDACTED] alleges meeting former registered agent of SPC, Eugene Riggio (“Riggio“) at sons‘ Little League baseball. Claimant [REDACTED] alleges meeting Riggio thru [REDACTED]. Statement of Claim (“Claim“) alleges Riggio could invest in IPOs, states Claimants “knew that Riggio worked on Wall Street as a financial advisor,“ alleges “Riggio represented that he occasionally gets opportunities to invest in companies before they go public,“ and alleges Riggio represented being able to “pool money from others“ like Claimants. Claimants allege they “thought they were giving money to Riggio to invest in these companies, and that they were going to share in the profits of the companies that Riggio invested in.“ Claim alleges [REDACTED] gave Riggio $24,500 in multiple payments during May 2014 thru June 2014. Claim alleges [REDACTED] gave Riggio $10,000 in multiple payments during October 2014. Claim states [REDACTED] lost $20,000 and [REDACTED] lost $9,500. Claim alleges Respondent SPC, thru its Agent, violated FINRA Rule 2111 and Rule 3110, further claiming it is liable as a control person of Riggio, unless it can sustain its burden of proof that it exercised reasonable care and could not have known of Riggio conduct and that it owed Claimants a duty to use reasonable care in the conduct of their affairs, including duties in supervising Riggio and his branch office and in recommending suitable investments to its customers and therefore breached those duties and those breaches were the proximate cause of the Claimants‘ damages.”

This claim, as of this posting, is currently Settled with a claim amount of $29,500.00 .

The investor was paid $10,000.00 by the brokers’ firm.

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If you are a former client of Eugene Arthur Riggio, and have encountered any issues or problems, the Securities Lawyers at Halling & Cayo, S.C. want to speak with you about the possibility of pursuing a claim. Brokerage firms have a duty to oversee all of their registered representatives, including Eugene Arthur Riggio, and ensure that they follow all securities regulations, rules, and internal policies. If a brokerage firm fails in this duty, it may be held accountable for investment losses sustained by customers due to a lack of supervision.

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