Michael Christian Richard (CRD#5987114) and BANKERS LIFE SECURITIES, INC.

The Securities Lawyers at Halling & Cayo, S.C. are looking into potential claims against Michael Christian Richard (CRD#5987114) regarding allegations made regarding the following:

Claim(s) Made Against Michael Christian Richard:

Claim Date: 1/13/2020

“In a written complaint, dated January 13, 2020, addressed to Bankers Life and Casualty Company (BLC), an insurance company affiliate of the Firm, [REDACTED] alleged that his registered representative misrepresented the rate of return associated with his Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity (GLIA) issued by and purchased from BLC in December of 2018. [REDACTED] alleged that his registered representative told him he would receive 50% of the total return of the S&P 500 during his policy calendar year, but received a much lower percentage. [REDACTED] requested the cancellation of his annuity without the assessment of surrender charges. BLC determined that the rate of return was disclosed to [REDACTED] both in the executed policy paperwork and verbally by his registered representative and denied [REDACTED] claim to cancel the annuity without surrender charges. While the GLIA sold to [REDACTED] was not a security and was issued by BLC, the Firm is reporting this complaint because the source of funding for the BLC annuity came from the sale of securities recommended by a registered representative of the Firm.”

This claim, as of this posting, is currently Denied with a claim amount of $37,832.00 .

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