Richard Christopher Stoyeck (CRD#842122)

The Securities Lawyers at Halling & Cayo, S.C. are looking into potential claims against Richard Christopher Stoyeck (CRD#842122) regarding allegations made regarding the following:

Claim(s) Made Against Richard Christopher Stoyeck:

Claim Date: 2/15/2020

“Claimant alleges unsuitability, overconcentration, churning, breach of fiduciary duty and fraudulent misrepresentation. He has named Richard Stoyeck as head of the firm for failure to supervise even though Mr. Stoyeck was never the Series 24 Supervising Principal during the period in question. Therefore Mr. Stoyeck cannot be named for failure to supervise. Claimant‘s attorney has neglected to point out that his client [REDACTED] is a professional gambler and has been so for decades betting thousands of dollars in individual gambling situations on college and professional football games with accounts set up both in his name and his grandson‘s name (they are partners) in Las Vegas, on-line gambling websites, off shore and with professional bookmakers which in the United States constitutes an illegal activity punishable both by fines and imprisonment. What makes Claimant a professional is that he wins regularly with his sports betting activities. Claimant [REDACTED] engaged both his broker and others at the firm regularly in conversation where he regaled us with his exploits as a gambler. We monitored his bets because we found it implausible that an individual could regularly win at betting. [REDACTED] brought the same concentration to his investments in the stock market where he understood the pluses and minuses of all trades that he engaged in. He was in regular contact with his broker, received trade confirmations and month end statements regularly and NEVER COMPLAINED either in writing or verbally to his broker or any other person at the firm during the several years that his account was lodged at the firm. His account was not a fiduciary account and therefore there was no breach of fiduciary duty. All trades were suitable as to his investment objectives. The Claimant signed a trading letter indicating he wanted to trade and was aware of the attendant risks that trading creates. He furthermore understood in writing that such trading can and does lead to higher than ordinary commission generation and he was comfortable with it as well as knew the total associated costs that accompanies a trading account. [REDACTED] had maintained many such accounts in the past with other firms similar in nature and had even sued brokers in the past for the same thing he is alleging now. This leads us to believe that he is simply a man who if he wins takes his chips and runs. If he loses, he uses the arbitration process as an effort to get his money back. Richard Stoyeck looks forward to vigorously defending himself against these allegations.”

This claim, as of this posting, is currently Pending with a claim amount of $23,793.00 .

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