Packerland Brokerage Services, Inc. based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin has been the subject of regulatory sanctions and customer complaints including: 

  • Ordered by the SEC to cease and desist violation of the Investment Advisers Act and to repay $432,949.80 plus a fine of $80,000;
  • Fined by the National Association of Securities Dealers for failure to supervise a broker inappropriately trading options;
  • Settled a customer complaint regarding “non-traditional and insurance products they were sold.”
  • Customer complaint regarding “misrepresentation of the original policy.”
  • A broker at Packerland sanctioned by the State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance for “replacing seven annuties into six new insurance products resulting in significant losses in surrender charges, taxes, and other fees” while at Packerland.
  • Customer complaint regarding forged signatures on fixed indexed annuity transactions.

If you are a customer of Packerland and have suffered losses in your account as a result of misconduct by Packerland or its brokers, you may have a claim to recover your losses. You can learn more about Investment Claims here. We are based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin but have and can represent investors around the country to recover their lost investment funds. 

Experience Matters

This means that Claimants that hired experienced counsel were two times more likely to get a recovery for their claim than those who didn’t. So, while it is not required that you hire a lawyer, it greatly increases your chances of success. As FINRA even states on its website in an article “Securities Arbitration – Should you Hire an Attorney.”

If you have a potential claim regarding investment losses against your broker or his company, your best chance of recovery is finding experienced counsel to help you bring your claim through FINRA. Halling & Cayo, S.C. has been representing investors to recover their losses for more than 20 years and have had lawyers as members of PIABA for more than 15 years. You can contact us at 414-246-9432 or via e-mail at


Our fee is a percentage of what we actually recover for you. There is no upfront fee.”


Your Claim For Recovery

Your broker has a duty to only recommend investments that are appropriate for you. This is known in the industry as “suitability.” If your broker recommends investments that are not appropriate for you and you lose money as a result, you may have a claim to recover your losses.

Our Fees

For any client with a potential securities claim, we will provide:

  • Free consultation to discuss and review your claim.
  • An explanation of the time, commitment, and process for FINRA arbitration (the most common forum for these claims).
  • WE ONLY GET PAID IF WE WIN. Our fee is a percentage of what we actually recover for you. There is no upfront fee.

We understand that by the time you realize what has happened in your account, the last thing you want to do is throw more money at a lawyer trying to recover what was lost. That is why we work on a contingent fee basis for these claims. This aligns our interests with yours, which is to resolve the matter as quickly as possible for as large of a recovery as possible.

“Atty. Sean Sweeney exhibited a youthful, energetic commitment to my position that was combined with a confident extremely competent grasp of the law in this area. I could not have come up with a better team of advocates at a time when they were needed the most.”

— JIM T.