The Securities Lawyers at Halling & Cayo S.C. represent investors to recover losses caused by their broker or a breach of duty by their broker. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we have particular expertise in bringing cases in Minnesota and have helped numerous victims of negligence, fraud, theft, churning, or breach of fiduciary duty recover their investment losses.

While all aspects of presenting the claim are important, having counsel that know the arbitrators in the area can be crucial, as often time the most important part of your case can be choosing the right arbitrators to decide who wins or loses. 

Minnesota claimants get a panel made up of arbitrators serving the Minneapolis hearing location. According to FINRA’s statistics, Minnesota has over 30 chair-qualified arbitrators and more than 55 public arbitrators eligible for serving on a FINRA arbitration panel. We maintain records of every decision these Minnesota arbitrators have made to help us ensure we pick the best panel possible for your case. We have experience with these arbitrators and are in a position to help choose the best panel available for your case in Minnesota.

What are the Steps of FINRA Arbitration?

Do I have to pay a fee in advance?

We only get paid on these cases if we win. In addition, we advance any travel expenses for attending a hearing in Minnesota and are only reimbursed if we are successful with your claim. For any residents of Minnesota, the FINRA hearing location is in Minneapolis, where more than 45 cases a year are administered. Hire a firm that not only knows the law surrounding securities law claims but also has the experience in Minnesota to help you bring your claim and recover your investment losses.